The given fact that is, we are dealing with the information services sector and the sensitive nature of our industry, our clients will understand the refund policies. Once the data or information has been delivered, we would be unable to refund the order charges and hence would request customers to get proper approvals and carefully place orders. We are always willing to help you in case of any assistance required. 

Fees: All fees should be paid as per the terms of payment mentioned in the applicable order (Fees). Introspective Market Research has the discretion to cancel access to the product in case the full payment has not been received by Introspective Market Research within the stipulated time. 

Taxes: All fees that you shall pay to Introspective Market Research are exclusive of all goods and services, sales, use or other taxes, customs, duties, and similar levies. All the aforementioned payment payable in or to any jurisdiction or authority whatsoever shall be your sole responsibility. This payment will exclude taxes levied on the income of Introspective Market Research. 

Collection Expenses: The user is required to reimburse Introspective Market Research for the entire collection-related expenses incurred by Introspective Market Research, which shall include all attorney's and service fees arising out of collections of overdue fees and taxes. 

No refunds will be considered in case of: 

  1. non-use or partial use of any Product(s) 

  2. non-use or partial use of any Product(s) 

  3. upgrade/downgrade refunds 

Compliance and Change of Scope: Introspective Market Research shall exercise the right to ensure the users’ compliance with the aforementioned License Terms, using any method available to and preferred by Introspective Market Research. In case any non-compliance on your part is detected in relation to any Product(s) purchased, Introspective Market Research may, in its sole discretion, without causing any effect to any other rights of Introspective Market Research under these License Terms may initiate the following: 

Modify the scope of or upgrade the relevant license to bring it into compliance with the actual usage of the Product(s). 

Invoice you with such additional fees that have arisen due to change of the scope of the license. Further, Introspective Market Research has the right to initiate any other step that deeps necessary to rectify such non-compliance.