Chub packaging: Familiar, yet ongoing

Today's chub packaging for meats simplifies lifting for consumers and on the packaging line. When research showed consumers want to reduce contact with raw meat, Cargill ( added an easy-peel feature to its Our Certified brand of ground beef in one-pound chubs. Introduced in November 2016, the "No Mess Opening" offers easy-open peel points along with the longitudinal seal of the cylindrical pack. In the United States, a research collaborative known as Material Recovery for the Future (MRFF) has brought together leading brands, producers, packaging companies, and other members of the flexible packaging value chain to work on recovery options. It's a project of the American Chemistry Council's Foundation for Chemistry Research and Initiatives. In 2019, MRFF founded the U.S.'s first curbside recycling program to receive flexible plastic packaging with other recyclables. The goal of the pilot program is to "identify the best way to collect, sort and hold value from residential recyclables, using state-of-the-art equipment to test a positive sort for a flexible plastic packaging material mix." The group also has identified potential markets for recycled flexible packaging materials including durable goods, green building materials, work-in-process items, and injection-molded consumer products.   

Why Chub Packaging? 

Chub packaging which is a form of packaging which dates back to the 1940s is highly popular for ground turkey, salami, chorizo, pet food, sausage, ground beef, and taco meat. This form of packaging is still popular on account of its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and long shelf life. Also, chub packaging is significantly lighter in weight as compared to other forms of packaging such as tray-based packaging, turning their application. Chub packaging is expected to continue to be in demand on account of the declined packaging material required as well as the subsequent low transportation costs. Furthermore, chub packaging manufacturers offer packaging solutions that are characterized by smoother packaging for slippage, consistent packaging material for a wide temperature range, and films that are resistant to puncture. Chub packaging incorporates co-expelled multi-layer barrier films which have transparent, white, or painted surfaces. The films are produced to offer high-performance storage of ground meat to extend shelf-life. 

Market Trends 

Chub Packaging Film Boost Line Speeds and Decrease Leaker Rates 

Torpedo chub film for ground beef, pork, and poultry offers fresh meat processors enhanced productivity by faster line speeds and reduced leaker rates. Developed structural technology yields better film tracking and overall machinability, as well as wider seal temperature tolerances for high-performance packaging that benefits the bottom line. Produced by Alcan Packaging Food Americas, Torpedo chub film is available in clear or white, plain or printed in high-impact 10-color graphics. Multi-layer Torpedo combats puncture and perform well in cold temperatures. With its high-barrier properties, the inventive film helps to increase shelf life, providing significant advantages compared to conventional overwrapped trays. 

The consumer demand switching towards attractive packaging, up to the extent that the look and feel of the product's packaging are nowadays considered a unique selling point. The multi-layer protection & transparency provided by chub packaging is expected to accelerate the market demand. Furthermore, the printed and tailored options in chub packaging along with rising engineered solutions focused to augment the shelf-life of the products packed inside are the added growth indicators. In addition, the atmospheric temperature outside the package is the same as the inside temperature, which makes it a more ideal option for packaging grounded meat and meat products. The advanced chub packaging producers create it a cost-efficient option and the advent of the latest technology in machinery enables them to create it using less material and less energy compared to other packaging options. From a retailer's point of view, chub packaging offers them easy to freeze packaging option, with the additional advantage of shelf-ready packaging for their product offerings. The demand for sustainability is also accomplished by chub packaging, as it is made mostly out of recycled material and helps to establish a cycle of recyclable packaging material. 

Strategic Developments 

In January 2017, Cargill is the first beef manufacturer to provide EZ Peel™ packaging for ground beef chubs in retail stores around the United States, which started in January 2017. The technology designed by Bemis Company, Inc., a global supplier of flexible packaging, will be exclusively used for Cargill's Our Certified® ground beef 1-lb. chubs, which is tube-shaped packaging typically recognized for its economical, easy-to-store, freezer-ready, and conveniently portioned benefits.  

In February 2017, R.A JONES and VOLPAK declared that as of February 1st, they signed the agreement for the strategic partnership with Plan Automation to expedite brand awareness and market share growth within the Canadian packaging machinery market. Plan Automation will play as their main agent in Canada, representing R.A JONES' portfolio of products, such as chub packaging, cartons, and cup filling systems and VOLPAK's line of horizontal form-fill-seal machines. 

Companies With Initiatives in Chub Packaging 

Cargill Corporation, Berry Plastics Corporation, Henry & Sons and Qingdao Haide Packaging Co., Ltd., Plastic Hazorea Co. Ltd., Alcan Packaging Food Americas Plastopil BV, Kendall Packaging Corporation, R.A Jones Group Ltd, Sealed Air Corporation, Inteplast Group, Coveris Holdings SA, Bemis Company, Flexopack S.A., HOVUS Incorporated, and others. 

Conclusion: Chub Packaging as A Brand 

The packaging expresses the brand in competition by its content and design. It not only contributes to the protection of the product but is also an essential part of the overall performance of a brand. Branded packaging is a beneficial and important marketing tool that promotes and should be used as an important medium for brand loyalty. 

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