Why Master Data Management Is Essential For Businesses?

Master data is the crucial business information that contains the transactional and analytical data of an enterprise. It is to be also known as enterprise data or metadata and mainly includes application-specific metadata, substitute business perspectives, corporate scopes, reference data, and principal data assets. Master data management manages the master data of an enterprise in the optimum possible way to create an efficient system to manage, content, and provide valuable data. Master data management is a mixture of applications and technologies that combines, cleanses, and enhances this master data and harmonizes it with applications, business processes, and analytical tools. Master data management opted by enterprises to master data used across organizations for accuracy and trustworthiness. Master data management software offers a simplified master data management process to create viable solutions to challenges businesses face when dealing with managing the organizational operations, product, and customer data. Thus, it makes it a lucrative solution for companies to invest and further boost the global Master Data Management Market.

Why MDM is essential for business?

Master data management can boost the business outcome with enhanced data integrity, visibility, and accuracy. The substantial volumes of data collected across an organization are channelized through Master Data Management solutions and services to store data at a centralized location and provide data security to an organization. The rise in data compilation requires robust data quality tools to improve functioning excellence. Data quality is a primary factor towards the application of MDM which is a commanding tool that allows organizations to map the segments of information flow and document data transformation. Master data management tools provide solutions, routinely update records, and clear irrelevant data, and integrated data quality tools safeguard data accuracy which makes it the most preferred data management system by small to large enterprises. Master data management operates under four main domains as below:

  • Customer - Customer, Employee, and Salesperson
  • Product - Product, Part, Store, and Asset
  • Location - Office location and Geographic Division
  • Other - Contract, Warranty, and License

Master data management these domains cover all the essential data-centric segments in the business allowing it to process, manage and secure sensitive data of an enterprise. Useful research and analysis depend on the accuracy of your master data. Master, data can be saved via a central repository, obtained from one or more systems, or referenced centrally via an index. When used by several groups, however, master data can be distributed redundantly and stored in an organization using a large number of applications.

Opportunities for Master Data Management

In the constantly developing technological era, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data are pushing the growth of the market for Master data management. These advanced self-learning technologies provide a technical edge for the storage and data processing and accessibility of massive datasets. These advanced capabilities of handling of large quality of data in a fraction of moments make a ground-breaking impact on the companies to boost their administrative functioning and invest in such solutions for greater returns. AI technology classifies duplicate data, maintains data quality which is the primary flaw in the current master data management system.

Machine learning in master data management is the revolutionary integration due to the advanced learning mechanics providing accurate solutions on transactional data, duplication, data history, various data patterns from which optimized system generation is one of the most efficient features that can be used in machine learning integrated master data management. Key players such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook have invested largely in using these technologies in the integration with Master data management which furtherly boosts the market.

Recent development in Master Data Management

  • MuleSoft Presents Universal API Management Capabilities.

MuleSoft LLC is a leading provider of integration software for connecting applications, data, and devices. MuleSoft's new universal API management platform enables IT teams to create, manage and govern any API throughout any technology and environment securely. Universal API allows businesses to adapt to any existing or new architecture with flexibility, lightweight gateway to manage and safeguard any service. It also can be able to deploy and monitor services throughout any cloud or environment. Fast-track time to market by determining APIs built wherever in the enterprise or composing new APIs in any language which makes it more versatile.

  • Accenture and UiPath Extend Partnership to Accelerate Transformation through Intelligent Automation.

Accenture and UiPath, a business automation software company, are expanding their business collaboration to help companies advance the enterprise-wide adoption of automation, accelerate technology transformation efforts, and create new growth opportunities. As companies rethink their future in a post-pandemic world, companies that have been able to scale automation across the enterprise empower their people to innovate and create value in new ways. Announced at the UiPath FORWARD IV conference in October, Accenture and UiPath are expanding their longstanding partnership to combine robust UiPath automation solutions with complementary services and industry expertise from Accenture. This will help customers take advantage of intelligent automation to increase productivity and create a catalyst for re-inventing business processes to be more efficient and adaptable to change.

  • Kore Technologies Partners with Ad Astra to Enhance Data Capabilities.

Kore Technologies and Ad Astra are partnering to improve data integration competencies for institutions with Ellucian Colleague Software. This partnership allows an integration and monitoring tool that reduces time to value, significantly lessens IT workload, and offers best-in-class data dependability. The partnership provides an opportunity for both companies to focus on their value propositions while providing amplified value to clients.

Challenges in Master Data Management

Model versatility

The master data model you selected would make a huge difference to your business operations. Your MDM software must be agile and adapt to changes in complex systems. An inactive and ambiguous master data model would only aggravate existing problems. The definition of the different layers of the master data model is essential for seamless integration.

Data Quality

Setting standards is one of the most demanding tasks in implementing MDM. The data standard that you define for your master data must correspond to all types of data in your company. The standard you set must be adaptable to data across multiple departments. So, if not well planned, standardization can be a tedious process.

Data Governance

Despite the introduction of defined models and standards, the implementation of MDM can be difficult. Strong business policies and rules can handle the complexity of master data. Governance is an important element without which it would be impossible to have a clear view of what is happening in the data. Data governance is not a one-time data cleansing. A data governance process is required to identify, measure, capture, and resolve data quality problems in the source system. Only create an MDM strategy if you have a well-managed data governance framework in place.

Data Stewardship

Establishing a data management system is essential for maintaining data quality. Bad data would not only make master data consolidation difficult; it would also create long-term data management problems. As a result, your MDM implementation would suffer without efficient data management.

Master Data Management tools

  • Profisee + Azure
  • Ataccama ONE
  • Boomi Master Data Hub
  • EnterWorks (Winshuttle) Multi-Domain MDM
  • IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management
  • SAP Master Data Governance
  • Teradata MDM

Covid19 Impact on Master Data Management Market

Covid19 pandemic caused the offices, educational institutions, and manufacturing facilities to shut down for an unspecified period. All the major sporting events were postponed, and work-from-home and social distancing policies were in place and businesses were progressively looking for technologies to help them to get through these difficult times. Data management companies were making tremendous efforts by keeping their functioning online and safeguarding the privacy and security of data across networks. The key professionals, business intelligence professionals, and data management companies were making sure to provide data processing and access for the companies which are making long-term online infrastructure for employees to create a system for work from home. Master data management has made an impact in creating online infrastructure for IT companies.


In a digitalized business era, data is the most powerful asset for the business vertical to capitalize on data and consumer analytics which can be securely gathered, process, analyzed, and store on a cloud platform for ultimate security and access globally. Master Data management allows businesses to operate their data with the combination of management and technology. The opportune business invests in customized data management systems to ensure data security and governance in a seamless manner which increases business productivity and optimum utilization of resources. Constant development in advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning presents a remarkable opportunity to integrate such highly advanced technologies which can process and analyze data patterns and provide a modern viable solution that can run in the favor of business and holds massive growth in Master Data Management over the coming decade.

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