Research Methodology

The research methodology employed by IMR Department has been subjected by numerous procedures in order to provide the most accurate estimates and forecast possible.

Secondary Research

For secondary research, we analyze information from sources like financial reports, press releases and articles from Customs, Government, leading media and major market players. The data gathered here will be analyzed by our analysts’ teams to carry out further research. Our team has the experience with accurate and efficiently extract information from existing source.

Primary Research

For primary research, we get data through annual and quarterly deep interviews, face to face or telephone with major market players like manufacturers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, distributors, end customers and attendance at key conferences held by government, industry association and etc. The data gathered here will be checked with secondary research.

Date Analysis and Quality Control

Our experienced research team checks and synthesizes the data gathered from Secondary and Primary Research to recheck the data through a new series research on representative players as well as small businesses. Before publishing, the study will be checked by experienced management team which is led by Senior Analysts to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final report.