Winglets Market To Reach USD 4.59 Billion By Year 2030

Winglets Market by Aircraft Type (Narrow Body Aircraft, Wide Body Aircraft, Regional Jet Aircraft), Winglet type (Sharklets, Split Scimitar Winglets, Wingtip Fences, Blended Winglets), Fit (Line fit, Retrofit) End Use (Civil Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Commercial and Cargo Aircraft), and Region


Market Overview:

Winglets Market Size Was Valued at USD 2.58 Billion in 2022 and is Projected to Reach USD 4.59 Billion by 2030, Growing at a CAGR of 7.46% From 2023-2030.

Winglets are crucial aerodynamic enhancements positioned vertically at the wingtips of aircraft, designed to reduce induced drag and enhance performance. By mitigating pressure differentials between airflow above and below the wings, winglets prevent the formation of wingtip eddies, thus lowering drag and improving fuel efficiency during cruising. Additionally, they help diminish the hazards of high-speed wingtip vortices during critical flight phases like take-off and landing, contributing to safer operations and significant fuel savings. Major manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing prioritize the integration of winglet technology to optimize aircraft efficiency and align with fuel conservation objectives in the aviation industry.

Top Key Players Covered in The Winglets Market:

  • Aviation Partners (USA)
  • Airbus (France)
  • Boeing (USA)
  • Winglet Technology, LLC (USA)
  • Fokker Technologies (Netherlands)
  • GKN Aerospace (UK)
  • RUAG Group (Switzerland)
  • Tamarack Aerospace Group (USA)
  • Friedrichshafen AG (Germany)
  • Wing Aviation (USA)
  • Vortex Aviation (USA)
  • LoPresti Aviation (USA)
  • Global Wings (USA)
  • Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry (France)
  • TTF Aerospace (USA)
  • Wingman Aviation (USA)
  • FACC AG (Austria)
  • Blended Winglet Systems (USA)
  • Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (USA)
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (USA)
  • MTU Aero Engines AG (Germany)
  • Gulfstream Aerospace (USA)
  • Embraer (Brazil) and Other Major Players

Market Dynamics and Factors:       

The aviation industry's intensified focus on fuel efficiency and sustainability has significantly boosted the winglets market. Between 2005 and 2019, carriers achieved a remarkable 39 percent reduction in fuel consumption per passenger-kilometer, with fleet upgrades contributing substantially. As the industry aims to meet fuel-efficiency goals set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), technologies like winglets, proven to reduce aerodynamic drag and enhance overall fuel efficiency, are becoming increasingly vital. This emphasis on fuel efficiency, alongside regulatory pressure to reduce emissions, presents a compelling opportunity for winglets to play a pivotal role in the aviation sector's transition towards sustainability.

Moreover, the aviation sector's growing concern over its environmental impact, evidenced by its contribution to global CO2 emissions, highlights the urgency for sustainable solutions. Winglets offer tangible benefits in reducing aerodynamic drag, optimizing fuel efficiency, and mitigating emissions. With regulatory bodies imposing stringent measures to curb fuel consumption and emissions, winglets emerge as a strategic solution for aircraft manufacturers and operators to enhance efficiency and meet sustainability targets. The installation of innovative winglet technologies further underscores their potential to offer substantial fuel savings, ensure smoother flights, and align with sustainability objectives, making them a key component in the industry's quest for greener aviation practices.

The Winglets Market Report Highlight:

  • By Aircraft Type, the Commercial Aircraft segment is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period. Throughout the projected timeframe, the Commercial Aircraft sector is anticipated to lead the winglet market, mainly due to the rising dominance of narrow-body aircraft. The expanding presence of budget airlines worldwide has driven narrow-body aircraft to account for over half of the market's revenue share. This growth is additionally bolstered by the increasing demand for air travel in emerging markets like India and China, alongside ongoing enhancements in airline revenue passenger kilometers (RPK).
  • By Winglet Type, Blended Winglets segment held the largest market share of 25.4% in 2022. The Blended winglet type is projected to lead the winglet market, expected to hold a significant 25.4% market share by 2029. This dominance is driven by its widespread adoption by major aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, and Falcon. Blended winglets, notably integrated into models like the Boeing 737-900ER, play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions and improving aircraft fuel efficiency, aligning with sustainability goals in the aviation industry.
  • By Region, North America is poised to lead the winglet market during the forecast period, capitalizing on its mature aviation sector and strong defense industry. With numerous established aircraft manufacturers and substantial government investments in research and development, the region fosters innovation and facilitates the procurement of advanced aircraft, including fighter planes and helicopters, from local companies.

Key Industry Development:

In November 2023, Embraer, a Brazilian global aerospace company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security (NIDV) during the 34th NIDV Exhibition for Defense and Security (NEDS 2023). This MoU signifies a crucial step in the strategic partnership between Embraer and the Netherlands, focusing on collaborative efforts related to the C-390 Millennium and A-29 Super Tucano for Defense and security initiatives.

In April 2023, Ducommun Incorporated, a US-based engineering and manufacturing company that provides services to the aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical industries, acquired BLR Aerospace LLC for an undisclosed amount. With this acquisition, the Ducommun Incorporated company's portfolio of engineered goods is further strengthened by BLR's product offerings, which also contribute extremely significant aftermarket revenue. BLR Aerospace LLC is a US-based company that manufactures winglets and specializes in providing aerospace solutions and modifications.

The Winglets Market Segmentation:

By Aircraft Type

  • Narrow Body Aircraft
  • Wide Body Aircraft
  • Regional Jet Aircraft

By Winglet type

  • Sharklets
  • Split Scimitar Winglets
  • Wingtip Fences
  • Blended Winglets

By Fit

  • Line fit
  • Retrofit

By End-Use

  • Civil Aircraft
  • Military Aircraft
  • Commercial and Cargo Aircraft

For this report, Introspective Market Research has segmented the Winglets Market based on region:

Regional Outlook (Revenue in USD Million; Volume in Units, 2023-2030)

North America

o The U.S.

o Canada

o Mexico

Eastern Europe

o Russia

o Bulgaria

o The Czech Republic

o Hungary

o Poland

o Romania

o Rest of Eastern Europe

Western Europe

o Germany

o UK

o France

o Netherlands

o Italy

o Spain

o Rest of Western Europe

Asia Pacific

o China

o India

o Japan

o Singapore

o Australia

o New-Zealand

o Rest of APAC

Middle East & Africa

o Turkey

o Saudi Arabia

o Qatar


o Israel

o South Africa

South America

o Brazil

o Argentina

o Rest of SA

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