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Energy and Natural resource industry is one of the most pivotal segment of economy to be discussed on global level. The industry incorporates activities linked with oil, gas, power generation and mining tasks. Some of them can be cited as, oil and natural gas pipelines (both domestic and cross border), liquefied natural gas (LNG), gasification, trading and distribution; and crude oil refining and trading.

The market of energy and natural resource industry is dynamic, diverse and comprehensive in nature. The industry is an vital factor for maintenance and survival of modern society since modern world devours large amount of fuel and resources. Despite of some challenges that companies needs to face in energy industry, it is still among most capital concentrated and complex industries. Production, regulation, technology, politics, strategic imperatives, exploration are key elements assisting in proliferation of business.

Energy and natural resource market is growing due to involvement of financial institutions, funds and government agencies. Companies should believe in large investments as well as production and strategic rectifications.

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