Ways to Identify Market Opportunities for Business Growth

Ways To Identify Market Opportunities for Business Growth

1. Consumer segmentation

To recognize your demand, you ought to become aware of client segments that share frequent characteristics. These traits can be “hard” variables such as age, gender, vicinity of the residence, instructional level, occupation, and degree of profits or “soft” variables such as lifestyle, attitude, values, and buying motivations.

Hard variables can assist estimate the variety of achievable clients an enterprise can have. For example, a nappies/diapers producer have to comprehend how many adolescents underneath three years stay in the sure USA as properly as the beginning rate. Soft variables can assist discover motivations that lead to buying choices inclusive of price, prestige, convenience, sturdiness, and design.

An instance of how segmentation can assist pick out market possibilities is Aguas Danone, a bottled water enterprise in Argentina. Several years in the past the company´s income has been falling and they had been searching for a new product. Aguas Danone recognized two drivers at the back of non-alcoholic drinks consumption: fitness and flavor. Bottled water was once perceived as healthful however did no longer provide the attribute of desirable taste. Soft drinks and juices tasted good, however have been perceived as exceedingly caloric. The agency realized there was once a probability for healthful drinks supplying each style and flavor. As a result, they launched flavored bottled waters Ser with outstanding success. According to information from Euromonitor International, Aguas Danone has been the chief of Reduced Sugar Flavoured Bottled Water in Argentina on account that launching in 2002, beating giants such as Coca Cola and Nestlé. As of 2016, Aguas Danone nevertheless had a 57% off-trade price share of Reduced Sugar Flavoured Bottled Water as well.

2. Purchase state of affairs analysis

Purchase conditions ought to additionally be examined to discover growth opportunities. Questions to ask when reviewing buy evaluation are:

  • When do human beings purchase our product or service?
  • Is it when they want it?
  • Where do humans make the purchase?
  • How do they pay?

Looking at distribution channels, fee techniques and all different situations that contain buying selections can instruct you how shoppers purchase and how you can role your product appropriately. Offering new purchasing selections might also carry new customers. For example, merchandising machines supplying snacks like yogurt and man or woman juices have been brought in the hallways of the subway of Santiago de Chile, advertising on-the-go consumption.

Another factor to discover is the acceptance of the extraordinary ability of payment. For example, Amazon currently launched Amazon Cash in the US, enabling shoppers besides credit score playing cards to keep on-line with the aid of including savings to their private Amazon accounts.

3. Direct opposition analysis

In addition to analyzing demand and buying situations, it is vital to analyze supply. Knowing the current gamers in the market the place you are competing or going to compete is essential when evaluating opportunities. Relevant questions in this case are:

  • What are the merchandise and manufacturers of our enterprise that are developing greater substantially and why?
  • What is their price proposition?
  • What aggressive benefit do we have over them?

For example, SKY airline, competing in the Chilean market in opposition to a relatively located manufacturer such as LAN, observed there used to be a probability to differentiate itself with a low-value model, which till then had now not existed in Chile. SKY decreased its costs, by using getting rid of complimentary meals and liquids for all passengers for the duration of flights and in doing so reduced its ticket prices. This helped the organization expand its share of carried passengers from 10% in 2008 up to 20% in 2017, following Euromonitor International.

4. Indirect opposition analysis

Opportunities can additionally be observed by analyzing alternative industries. For example, thanks to the reduction in airfares, airways may additionally seem for possibilities in customer segments presently provided by way of the different skill of transport.

Air carriers ought to look up how many humans tour on long-distance buses and trains, which routes are the most in-demand, how a lot of vacationers pay for their tickets, what the occupation price of long-distance buses and trains is and what is fundamental to persuade a contemporary passenger of buses or trains to pick out to tour by using aircraft instead. This kind of evaluation helps set up aggressive benefits in opposition to oblique rivals and grant perception on extra possibilities for growth.

5. Analysis of complementary merchandise and services

Companies need to reveal the overall performance of different companies’ products, which are complementary to their own. For instance, a packaging organization has to screen income of merchandise that it may want to doubtlessly package, whilst an enterprise producing coffee machines must accumulate insights on the evolution of specific sorts of espresso sales. Trends in complementary markets have to be taken into account when making funding decisions.

6. Foreign markets analysis

When an employer operates in a mature or saturated market, exploring different nations might also lead to extra opportunities. Markets in extraordinary nations develop at extraordinary paces for countless reasons, inclusive of disparities in the degree of monetary improvement and nearby habits. Knowing the evolution of per capita consumption of a given product in given united states of America can serve as an indicator of the maturity of the product’s lifestyle cycle. Having facts on the dimension of the market and rivals in different nations will assist to estimate the commercial enterprise potential.

In addition to product sales, you can additionally inspect what takes place in extra developed nations in phrases of consumption habits. For example:

  • What is the proportion of human beings who use the smartphone to pay for their purchases?
  • What is the market share of personal labels in a sure industry?

Answers to these questions in greater developed international locations can serve as indications of the practicable the indexes have in their country. On the different hand, monitoring what takes place in different nations may also lead to new merchandise or offerings existing nonetheless absent in your present-day market.

Take Advantage of Your Market Opportunity

By digging deeper with a market chance analysis, it’s going to be less complicated to carve out a piece of the market for your business. Decision-making will be simpler, and you’ll be capable to see a clear route for developing your business. As you get higher in recognizing and taking benefit of opportunities, you and your enterprise may want to in the end turn out to be leaders of your industry. Now that you comprehend what to appear for, why now not behavior a market possibility evaluation for your enterprise today?

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